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The health costs of 19th-century industrialization were enormous in England, and the Parliament could have done more to prevent them.

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"Cheap borrowing saves lives"

Read more in our latest article by Chapman (@Unibo) about how falling interest rates expedited Britain’s mortality decline!

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Lovell (@queensu): “Post-contact depopulation in the New World resulted from the introduction of epidemic diseases to which Indigenous peoples were defenseless.”

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Antman @CUBoulder: “High and low water quality parishes see a decline in deaths after the adoption of tea, and the decline in deaths is larger in lower water quality parishes”🫖

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#PublicHealth #Tea #England #TeaAct

ICYMI: Did you know that seasonal changes had a significant impact on childhood mortality rates in the Netherlands?

Learn more in our latest post by Ekamper, who uses new microdata on the mortality and background characteristics of children.


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