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Is the world getting better? If so, why and by how much?

Leandro Prados (@LdelaEscosura/@uc3m) has written a book on this (link below).

A while ago he summarized some of his main findings 👇

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Looking forward to the high policy dialogue and to present on #tax and #SDGs organized by @UNDP_SDGFinance & @AhteshamRKhan at @Columbia with #tax government officials, think tanks and tax scholars @Jayati1609 @PeterHongler @aredonda @Lustarnde @n_pushkareva @JosephEStiglitz

What’s the link between racism, religiosity & sex?

Segregation was defended to prevent inter-racial reproduction.

This is deemed against God’s plan.

This may explain why white Southerners cling to religion: it justifies their racism.

Cue a fertile soil for Pro-Life campaigns.

From our archive: Europeans have grown much taller since 1850.

What does this imply about their well-being?

Bernard Harris (@UniStrathclyde) explains it 👇

#health #heights #progress #wellbeing #development

ICYMI: #Health has improved substantially in Europe, but #inequalities between poor and rich remain.

What can we do about it?

Brigit Toebes (@brigittoebes/@univgroningen) proposes recognizing and enforcing human rights to good health for all.

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