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Warming climate happened in the past. For example, during the Minoan Warming, temperature of the earth was 3 degrees c higher than in the late-20th c and about 2 deg. higher than 4000 before present (4 kybp). The warming peaked around 3.3-3 kybp. How did livelihoods change?

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Asia-Pacific and Latin America integrated into the world economy ca.1870-1920

BUT, one region thrived in terms of econ. growth (e.g. Japan), while the other did not (e.g. Chile/Peru)

Why? (1/8) Creative new method that allows one of the first quantifications of the mortality effect of strength and incidence of household quarantines during an epidemic in an early modern city. Quite cool

Such a great paper by @JF_Schulz, showing the impact of the Church and cousin marriage on the emergence of democratic institutions (@DumanBRad):

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