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Seasonality in the Age of Pandemics, 1817-1920
Asia particularly suffered from the cholera, plague and influenza pandemics between 1817 and 1920. This piece highlights the various ways in which ‘seasonality’ mattered in those three pandemics.
Chinmay Tumbe - July 10, 2022
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The 1918 flu pandemic left Spain a more unequal country
Pandemics are often considered “big levelers” events. We show that the Spanish Flu, one of the deadliest pandemics in history, doesn’t fit this narrative in Spain, which became more unequal.
Joan Roses & colleagues - June 26, 2022
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The trend of emotional well-being in Nineteenth-century Britain
According to the language used in political pamphlets, the emotional well-being of British men neither increased nor decreased between 1800 and 1900, despite economic growth and material progress.
Pierre Lack - May 29, 2022
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The drivers of institutionalization among the elderly in Europe
Will future increases in life expectancy improve life quality? If we consider the elderly, this is unclear, especially among permanently institutionalized individuals, whose quality of life is often worse.
Beatriz Rodríguez Sánchez - May 15, 2022
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A Micro-Based Evaluation of  Water Projects
We demonstrate the potential of using existing micro-level data to credibly assess the impact of improved water provision on the household’s welfare.
Raymond Boadi Frempong & David Stadelmann - April 24, 2022
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The Spanish hospital system during the Franco dictatorship
The creation of the Spanish public hospital system during Franco’s dictatorship was marked by collaboration and competition with the private sector, due to limited funding and political struggles among elites.
Jerònia Pons-Pons & Margarita Vilar-Rodríguez - April 10, 2022
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Warming climate happened in the past. For example, during the Minoan Warming, temperature of the earth was 3 degrees c higher than in the late-20th c and about 2 deg. higher than 4000 before present (4 kybp). The warming peaked around 3.3-3 kybp. How did livelihoods change?

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Asia-Pacific and Latin America integrated into the world economy ca.1870-1920

BUT, one region thrived in terms of econ. growth (e.g. Japan), while the other did not (e.g. Chile/Peru)

Why? (1/8) Creative new method that allows one of the first quantifications of the mortality effect of strength and incidence of household quarantines during an epidemic in an early modern city. Quite cool

Such a great paper by @JF_Schulz, showing the impact of the Church and cousin marriage on the emergence of democratic institutions (@DumanBRad):

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